Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doctor Who: Eye of the Chameleon, Part 2

What is a god? To primitive races it's typically a being of extraordinary abilities and Cartorian is a most extraordinary goddess indeed. But the regal reptiloid shares a most unusual kinship, not so much with the people of Sorpa ... but with the Doctor. What is their connection and why does she want the Doctor obliterated?

Listen: Doctor Who: Eye of the Chameleon, Part 2
(1:05:03, 89.8 MB mp3, released 2008.01.10)

Written by Clym Angus Dodds

Featured in the cast are:

Mark Kalita as The Doctor
David Sobkowiak as George
M Sieiro Garcia as Cartorian
David Maciver as Fe-forat
Bruce Busby as General Jadis-Linn
James Leeper as Theed-Horta
Alexa Chipman as Seelan-Vex
Ronnie Rowlands as The Acolyte
Laura Frechette as The Computer

Directed by Mark Kalita
All production work by David Sobkowiak

This is a special presentation from Darker Projects of the Broken Sea Audio Production.