Thursday, September 14, 2006

Doctor Who: The Thought Eaters

A new chapter begins in the Doctor's life after he learns the secret of the mysterious metal spike that once pierced his TARDIS. An old ally returns and a new companion is "born." Can they keep a psychic menace from absorbing the consciousness of all creation?

Listen: Doctor Who: The Thought Eaters

(28:22, 26.9 MB MP3, released 2005.05.11)

Featuring the voice talents of

Mark Kalita as The Doctor
Shire Smith as Rain
Mark Bruzee as George, The Aggregate Assembly and The Thought Eaters
Chris Snyder as Professor Hayter
Tina Bartsch as The Female Psychomorph

The series is Directed and produced by Mark Kalita.
Co-Produced by Mark Bruzee and post produced by Chris Snyder.