Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doctor Who: Zero Tolerance, Part 3

Doctor Who: Zero Tolerance, Part 3

(20:02, 18.4 MB)

Featured in the cast:

Mark Kalita as The Doctor
Krystal Homayun as Rain
Ronn Smith as Ademo
Tom Davis as Mister Thorn
Ben Harmer as Mister Kain
Eric L. Busby as Mister Sloan
Julie Massa as Karen
Chris Heim as Micheal
Darrell Looney as Surgeon
Tom Backus as Elevator Guard
Nathan P. Butler, MJ Cogburn and Judah Friese as Soldiers

Original Musical Score by Simon Smith
Doctor Who Theme by the BBC Radio Phonics Workshop
Written, produced, sound mixing and all post production work by Eric L. Busby