Saturday, July 01, 2006

Doctor Who: Grave White North, Part 3

Doctor Who: Grave White North, Part 3

(41:36, 38.1 MB)

Newly regenerated, the Doctor must come to the aid of UNIT North America as a new deadly enemy begin their quest to dominate the universe.

Story by Mark Kalita

Directing, mixing, and post production by Eric Busby

Music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Mark Kalita as The Doctor
Cassandra as Colonel Rachel Hudson
Chris as Major Martin Leveque
Haruka as Captain Jennifer Macdonald M.D.
Philip J. Mather as Brigadier Sir Lancelot Griffin
Judah Friese as Poacher #1
Eric Busby as Poacher #2
Charlie Benedict as Danubi Leader (Dugaa)
Chrono as Danubi Warrior (Tebar)
Ted Statham, David Hutchinson, and John Brandenburg as 3 UNIT Soldiers