Monday, August 07, 2006

Doctor Who: Turf War, Part 1

Turf War, Doctor Who tale from

Doctor Who: Turf War, Part 1

(23:14, 21.3 MB)

Written by Gareth Preston and John Isles
Produced, Directed and all Post Production by Eric L. Busby

The Doctor - Mark Kalita
Rain - Krystal Homayun
Brodny - Morgan Jeffery
Ivanava - Laura Post
Zhdanov - Gareth Preston
Kishin - Chris Heim
Sasha - Rebecca McCarthy
Petrov - Ben 'Chronocross' Harmer
Oscar - John Isles
Guards - Elie Hirschman, Kevin Cho and Eric L. Busby
Additional voices provided by - Matthew Kopelke and BTR Productions