Sunday, December 09, 2007

Doctor Who: The Wedding of Doom

Sounds of celebration can be heard throughout the galaxy and everyone is preparing for the wedding of the decade. Young and naive Prince Chad is preparing to marry the Lady Zeldar and have lots of babies...or at least hopefully do the things you do to get lots of babies. But does he know the real truth about his future bride? What dark secret does the future Queen hold that has caused the Doctor to cross time and space in hopes of crashing the biggest wedding in Iscandari history? You won't want to miss Darker Projects' first-ever Dr. Who comedy!

Listen: Doctor Who: The Wedding of Doom
(50:03, 68.9 MB mp3, released 2007.12.09)

Written by Miles Reid


Mark Kalita as The Doctor
David Sobkowiak as George
Gareth Preston as Zog
Steven Jay Cohen as Prince Chad
Fiona Thraille as Lady Zeldar
Stevie Farnaby as The Reporter

David MacIver as Robo-priest
James Leeper as Policeman
Robin Carlisle as Girlfriend #1
Damaris Mannering as Girlfriend #2
Tina Kalita as Maid of Honor Robots
Paul W. Campbell as The Hoverchair

Directed by Mark Kalita
Post production by Bill Hollweg

Music by Murray Gold, Marvin Hamlisch and Queen