Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doctor Who: Materia, Part 2

All actions have consequences.

On a planet facing a fate not too dissimilar to Earth's, the Doctor joins a group of vigilantes as they attempt to put a stop a corrupt government and its greed for energy.

What consequences will their actions bring about?

... Only time will tell.

02.06 Materia
(34:07, 62.5MB mp3, released 2007.09.15)

Written by Fiona Conn

Featured in the cast are:
Mark Kalita as the Doctor
Mark Bruzee as George
Amanda Fitzwater as Mara
Paul Mannering as Matthew
Judah Friese as Pataki
James Leeper as Teak
Eric Busby as Isaiah
Damaris Mannering as Rebecca
Miles Reid as Joshua
Gareth Preston as Minister Hassar
MJ Cogburn as the Newsreader
Shire Smith as Guard 1
David Sobkowiak as Guard 2
John Tadzrak as Guard 3
Garry Cobbum as the Head Researcher
Fiona Conn as the Receptionist
Dan Gorgone as the Commander
Shire Smith as Lady 1
Phillip Moxley as Man 1

This series is produced and directed by Mark Kalita
Post production by Byron Lee
The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby