Sunday, October 29, 2006

Doctor Who: Ghost, Part 1

In a forgotten house dwells a spirit as old as mankind itself. And what an amateur team of ghost hunters thinks will net them the reality show of their dreams, will force them to fight a creature born of their worst nightmares. Will the Doctor and George be able to defeat an entity older and more powerful than even The Doctor's vast intellect? Or will The Doctor too be consumed by ... the ghost.

Listen Doctor Who: Ghost, Part 1
(37:27, 37.7 MB, released 2006.10.29)

Written by Matthew Chambers

Featuring the voice talents of:

Mark Kalita as The Doctor and The Deva
Natasha Lathrop as George
Fiona Conn as Jen
Gareth Preston as James
David Ault as Matt
Paul Mannering as Zack

The series is produced and directed by Mark Kalita
Post-production by Byron Lee
The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby