Saturday, December 23, 2006

Doctor Who: Winter's Army

Finding little cheer and goodwill on 21st century Earth, the Doctor decides to take George on a journey back to where the winter holidays all began. The TARDIS, however, has other ideas and our time travellers soon find themselves in ancient Scandinavia, and in command of an army of "Frost Giants."

Listen: Doctor Who: Winter's Army
(39:57, 54.9 MB mp3, released 2006.12.23)

Written by Bill Hollweg
From an Original Story by Mark Kalita

Featured in the cast are:
Mark Kalita as Doctor Who
Mark Bruzee as George
Garry Cobbum as Arnold-Store Clerk
Amanda Fitzwater as Store Manager
Natasha Lathrop as Woman
Chip Joel as Policeman
Elie Hirschman as Cabbie
Timm Gillick as Odinlore
Gareth Preston as Warbarr
Paul Mannering as Thorson
Dave Sobkowiak as Vogar
Paul Mannering as Barak The Black
Colin Snow as Army
Colin Snow and Zack Fester as Villagers

Produced By Mark Kalita
Post-Production By Bill Hollweg