Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Doctor Who 04.06 Caribbean Blue: Episode 6

Doctor Who 04.05 Caribbean Blue: Episode 6

(44:21, 61.1 MB mp3, released 2016.12.21)

The Doctor and the others have to escape Jacob's Disc before they are lost to the Chaytheen.  Emma discovers the whole truth about how he feels.  Is it real or not?

Written by Ewen Campion Clarke

Featured in the cast were:
David Ault as the Doctor
M Sieiro Garcia as Emma Collins
Bernadetta M Groves as Kayzee Vlyn
Al Aseoche as Palleen Kadijah and the Computer
Brian Bedard as Alexis Macdon
Jim Hamilton as Sempto Maurice
Michael Roberts as Eljay Loobans
Ari Baronovski as Gelver Koffni
Ronnie Rowlands as Dio
MJ Cogburn as Amber
Mike Polock as the Announcer

Directed by David Ault
Music by Murray Gold
Production by Mathieu Blondin
The executive producer for Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn